Community North Oncology artwork


Congratulations!  You’ve used your Google Stalking skills expertly and found the “Wendy” featured on HGTV’s Good Bones, Season 3, episode 5!  I have been receiving emails from people all over the country asking about my work and my processes.  If you’d like to see a body of some of my currently available work and pricing, please go to and browse to your heart’s content.   If you find the perfect piece for you or would like a commission piece, send me and email and we will make that happen.  

Additionally, my work is show in the following galleries and available in my home studio in Indianapolis, IN.

Vale Gallery-Chicago, IL

Bennett Galleries-Nashville, TN

MAC Gallery- Ft. Lauderdale

Judy Ferrara Gallery-Three Oaks, MI

Muse Gallery-Hilton Head

Muse Gallery- Columbus, OH

Malton Gallery-Cincinnati, OH 


Have a great week!