The biggest project yet, 15×4 feet of pure Wendy-ness in wool and silk,  installed last Friday in the new executive boardroom of a gorgeous downtown law firm.  Due to a I had about 3 minutes to celebrate and 3 minutes to panic and the rest of the time I worked non stop.

Complete!  A project that has been in the works for months.  6 freeform panels happily hanging in the boardroom at Bedel Financial.  The scale is tough to gauge in this picture but each side measures about 52×32 inches.   It was a great project and I am pleased to be hanging with other great Indiana artists!

June 6th Open Studios at Stutz

 and the
This is it.  I am the artist girl who has 2 events to attend this Friday night.  I want to be just like the race car driver who qualified for the 500 and then immediately hopped on a helicopter to go to his next event.  I am nearly like this.  However, since the events are only 2 blocks away from each other and the whole swirly helicopter thing may ruin my hair I am going to go by car (looking for impressive car and chauffeur for this role, any volunteers?)  I desperately want to justify a wardrobe change, but this may be too much?  Perhaps I will settle with a simple shoe and lipgloss transformation.

The Contemporary Landscape show promises to be fabulous!  I got a little sneak peek of the show when I dropped off my installation earlier this week.  It includes contemporary interpretations of landscapes by Indiana artists.  I will be there from approximately 6:30-7:30. 

My studio at Stutz will be open a little early, let’s say 5.  I am going to be there most of the time, minus my appearance at Gallery 924.  While I am gone my CFO (husband) and my adorable teenage boy child known as “Beef” will be taking care of you. If you have ever met Beef, you will know that he alone is worth the trip.  11 other great studios will be open in the A and B wings.  This is a great time to swing back through and take a second look at the piece you fell in love with during open house.

Can’t wait to see you all!  This is going to be a great Friday night!


Wendy Franklin
212 West 10th Street 
Studio A330
Indianapolis, IN 46202


This piece was juried into the Indiana Artists 2014 show at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  I am so excited to be a part of this exhibition curated by the museum director and including works from across Indiana.


My latest from the studio!  I have been dreaming this concept for a long time and I finally pulled it together logistically with a little help from my 15 year old boy child.  They consist of 48 inch square steel tubes encased with fiber.   They are a simply incredible blend of textures.

I submitted them to the contemporary show Art From the Heartland at the Indianapolis Arts Center and they were accepted from over 600 entries across the Midwest!  The show opens April 4th and will go through June.


Webisode Star!

The webisode is up. The paparazzi are camped outside.