Stutz Annual Open House


Nothing like having 5k of your closest friends come through your studio.  A fabulous weekend, a very big success, a whole lot of work! 



A long 13 hour day in studio today, finishing this piece. It is 36×48 and in addition to the wool & silk, I also incorporated a vintage fishing net which I found at Midland Arts ans Antiques a few years ago. It will make its debut tomorrow during my Artist Talk at the Carmel Palladium.



I took the long way down to the studio, down college avenue via the most fabulous ever Moroccan sandwich shop. On the way I drove past this amazing wall. I drove another couple of blocks, couldn’t get it out of my mind and turned around. I parked in the abandoned strip of falling down buildings, got out of the car, walked across the broken glass a debris and took some shots. I love the way the paint flaked and left so much texture and color. I am looking forward to making a series of pieces from this little dilapidated spot of beauty.

My gypsy life

I simply adore traveling.  Anywhere, anytime, but the appeal of Florida in Feb and March is especially sweet.  So, when a chance came up to attend a workshop in Tampa earlier this week, I jumped.  Well, jumped may be too strong a word.  Actually what I did was obsessively shop flights and hotels and wait until everything had gone up and I stood no chance of getting a direct flight.  I booked the flights on day 10 straight of no sunshine in beautiful indiana and I think that explains why I thought a layover in Chicago would not be so bad on the way there and it seemed quite okay to have a layover in Miami on the way home.  This was a bad assumption to make.  I was hung up at Ohare for an extra hour and a half so the crew could fix a broken coffee maker.  Yes. A coffee maker.  This made people at the gate a teensy bit aggravated and tense.  On the flight home we were delayed in Tampa for a tire change, by an hour and a half which also didn’t go over well with the masses, many of whom missed their connecting flights to fun places like Barcelona and Puerto Rico.  In Miami we were delayed 30 minutes to wait on a plane from Orlando which worked out well for me because it meant I made my flight.  All in all, I conservatively spent 9.5 hours in travel to get to Tampa and 11.5 hours to get home.  Which, makes me roughly break even with the number of awake hours I was there.  An Indiana girl will do a lot to see the sun for an afternoon! 

Nude Nite Orlando


Oh! The stories I could tell about this show. I had an absolutely amazing time, met all sorts of incredible people and was so sad to see it come to a close. I am already looking forward to Nude Nite Orlando 2014. A smaller version of this piece will be featured in the Nude Nite Tampa show beginning (without me) tomorrow night. Check out my facebook for more posts and funny stories about this event.

In progress..


24 panels painted and drying on 23 wine bottles and 1 beer bottle. These are in prep for a residential commission project, the fiber is ready to go and will soon be adhered to each panel. This pic raised all sorts of questions on my facebook page. I’ll clear it all up for you now. No, I did not drink all the wine. Yes, I would certainly be willing to drink 24 bottles of wine if I needed to in the pursuit of art or good drying racks. That’s the kind of sacrifice I am willing to make. Stay tuned for pics of this all hung, its going to be fab!

School installation project


In progress pic of a 25 piece installation. Each class, grades k-5 layed out a panel, the panels were felted in studio and now will be hung as a permanent collection.

Bring on the Commissions!

Tuesday night I stood in a fabulous downtown condo with an interior designer and a client sipping wine and discussing a commission work.   It was a pretty nice moment.  A feeling that I was doing absolutely, totally, exactly what I want to be doing.  It took me awhile to get to this point.  I used to welcome commissions with excitement, but also with a underlaying feeling of dread and pressure.  I have had meetings with 3 clients for sizable commissions in the last week and a half, and I can now say without any hesitation, Bring it ON!  There is something special to me now about a commission.  It is a piece that I am doing specifically for the client, it doesn’t ever belong to me in a real sense.  The whole time I design and execute  it is with a focus on the space in which it will reside and the people who will be welcoming it into their space.  I just love that!

Woodbrook Installation Project

A whole week of being the Artist In Residence at a local elementary has left me wondering…am I more artistic than a 3rd Grader?  This is just one of 550 (yes, read that again, think about it for a sec, carry on) individual projects created, executed and sent home with kids ages k-5th.  It was a whirlwind of a week.  In the art classroom all day, everyday with a new batch of kids every 50 minutes.  I began with a little talk about what it’s like to be a real artist.  Real artist.  How funny is that?  I am of course, but it was a tiny bit surreal.  The 4th grade boys even asked for autographs because they were convinced I am famous.

Next the kids took a square of pre-felt on bubble wrap, added their wool design, then wetted it down with lemon scented soapy water (a HUGE hit because they all thought we were using Sprite) and then the rolling and rubbing began.  Can you imagine? We are talking about 25-35 kids at a time with BUBBLE WRAP, WOOL, SOAPY WATER, SPRAY BOTTLES and DOWEL RODS.

It was nothing short of a miracle, a bunch of tiny fingers and hands, absolutely focused, totally engaged and soon they had completed a masterpiece.  x550.  When they were done with their take-home project they came over a few at a time to work on the layout for their big class piece.  Each of the 25 class pieces will be felted by me in studio and then will be mounted on 24×24 canvases and hung to line the hallway as a permanent installation.

It was stated by several (astute, brilliant) people that I was such an organized person.  I immediately made these individuals sign an affidavit to that effect to prove it to my family and those who love me.  I will file these away and peek at them during times when I can’t walk through the rooms of my house due to piles of laundry and shoes.  I may even tattoo these comments in prominent place on self as reminder of my great (although largely untapped)  organizational prowlness.

I still can’t believe how well the week went!  It was totally smooth, the kids had a great time and I enjoyed every minute!  PERFECT.  Stay tuned for pics of the final installation!



I fell in love with the chippy paint and iron bars of this building off 2nd Street in downtown Nashville. Worthy of a special piece I think.