About the artist



Wendy Franklin was born in 1971 in Lebanon, Ohio. She pursued art in some form, with much passion all of her life but became convinced after a brutal string of all nighters to switch her major from art to teaching, graduating with the Oh So Practical Degree in Education in 1995 from Ball State University. In the winding path of life, she never taught and instead routinely, happily pulls all nighters meeting deadlines. She resides in Indianapolis, Indiana working from a sunny studio in what was once a car factory. Her work is in private and corporate collections across the country and is well represented in several galleries.

Artist Statement

A fresh and exuberant presence in the contemporary art scene, artist Wendy Franklin is redefining and reestablishing the role of fiber art through the finest galleries in the country. Using centuries-old techniques which involve intricate layering of individual fibers she transforms raw materials into yards of luminous color. Rooted in the global tradition of textile art with a pursuit to elevate the medium to new levels, Franklin’s tactile creations speak to both the strengths and fragilities of the human condition. Her dedication to natural materials and processes paired with an innovative application of compelling color and design have placed her solidly within the fine art realm. Franklin’s work is exhibited in several galleries across the country and has been included in multiple individual and corporate collections including Barnes and Thornburg, Bedel Financial and Community North Hospitals.

"After much happy wandering, I realized that my place in the world of art blissfully resides in working with consummate professionals and being a partner in their vision for completing a space full of beauty and uniqueness."

I understand you’re immersed in the deadlines, client demands, budget considerations and all the behind the scenes magic necessary to complete the perfect space. That’s why I keep everything delightfully drama free.

I look forward to working together to help you bring your special space to life!

— Wen


Each series I create represents a labor of love in its conception, evolution and completion. My studio practices, artistic processes as well as business and marketing components have all been carefully designed for optimal efficiency in meeting the unique needs of designers, art consultants and architects.